GPS tracking software

GeoLoc is software for GPS tracking of vehicles, people and other moving or stationary technological objects. With it, you always know the current location, history of movement of the tracked objects, temperature, fuel level and the level of other fluids, condition of the in-vehicle network, the battery, the pressure in the tank, etc.

Our specialists are always ready to advise you on the issues of the system operation, to help with the selection and configuration of equipment. We are ready to deploy the system on your server and take care of all current technical problems, if necessarry.


Is used since 2007 in more than 10 countries around the world. At the moment, we are serving more than 30 000 GPS trackers in total. GeoLoc supports more than 100 types of GPS/GPRS trackers, and other equipment.

Today the system supports English, Azerbaijani, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian, and Turkish. It is also planned to add other languages as well.

It has a rich set of tools and features, providing full control over the transport and stationary technological equipment.


GPS tracking

You always know the exact location and status of your objects. 100% targeted use of your equipment.

Speed control

Your equipment is used with care. Reducing the frequency of equipment breakdowns by up to 20%.

Fuel control

You have full control over the fuel usage of your vehicles. The cost of fuel decreased by up to 30%.

Detailed reports

You have access to comprehensive reports on operation of your equipment. Improving the efficiency of equipment usage by up to 30%.

Events and alarms

You can quickly respond to the facts of misuse of your equipment. Detect up to 80% of dishonest employees.


The system can be used as an IOT platform, and the solutions can be tailored to fit your individual requests.

Use cases

Dedicated server

The software may be installed on your server and maintained by your staff. This solution gives you full control over the system, allows reducing maintenance costs of transport due to the lack of subscription fees and independence from external servers. At the same time, we guarantee the complete technical support and software updates upon your request.

Server with extended support

A separate server, maintained by our specialists, is allocated to service your transport. You lower your costs of maintaining the server and staff for a modest subscription fee that includes technical support, advice, timely updates, data backup.

Mobile applications